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Camp Awosting is a summer camp for boys between the ages of 6 and 15, located in northwest Connecticut. Kids come for a period of time between two to eight weeks and live in cabins with their same age group. They spend their days doing a wide variety of activities ranging from sports, watersports, drama, arts & crafts, and much more.

The reason we are having our wedding at camp is because Awosting has impacted both of our lives so much.

Beth worked at Awosting from 1995 to 2000 doing a couple differnt jobs. When she started working for the camp, they basically brought her in to be a babysitter. Some of the counselors had smaller children that weren't old enough to be campers and they needed somebody to look after them during the day. But by 1999, most of the children were old enough to be considered campers, so Beth became a counselor of Cabin 1. Her main responsibility was to follow the children from activity to activity and make sure they made it okay. She was basically the camp mother for the younger guys.

Chris spent three summers and Camp Awosting from 1998 to 2000. The first summer he was the Journalism counselor. Basically, he was responsible for creating a weekly newsletter that contained the weeks events to be sent home to the parents. The other responsibility was creating a final 50 page banquet newsletter that outlined the entire summer. In 1999 Chris returned to Awosting to be the ballfield counselor. That job involved getting the kids to participiate in a variety of sporting games. The mornings were spent teaching the rules and strategy of different games while the afternoons were spent playing them. His final year at Awosting, he went back to creating the camp newsletter.

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