Driving Dircections from Bradley Airport (BDL) to Camp Awosting

     These directions are taken from Microsoft Streets and Tips, and are mean't to go along with the map that you can get here. As with most computer driving directions, they are probably a little to specific, so you will probably need the map to go along with them.

Depart Bradley International Airport on Local road(s) (South)	6
0.1	Take Arrivals (RIGHT) onto Airport Exit

0.2	Keep RIGHT onto Bradley Field Connector	I-91 / CT-20 / Hartford / Springfield

0.7	Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto SR-20

6.3	Road name changes to SR-189 [SR-20]

6.5	Bear LEFT (West) onto SR-20 [W Granby Rd]

10.0	Bear LEFT (West) onto SR-219 [Barkhamsted Rd]

13.8	Bear LEFT (South) onto SR-179 [SR-219], then immediately bear LEFT (South) onto SR-219 [E Hartland Rd]	2.6 mi	
Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto SR-318 [Saville Dam Rd]

18.0	Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-181 [SR-318]

18.7	Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-318 [Ripley Hill Rd]

19.5	Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto US-44 [New Hartford Rd]

22.6	Take Ramp (LEFT) onto SR-8   CT-8 / Torrington / Waterbury

30.6	At exit 44, turn RIGHT onto Ramp   CT-4 / CT-202 / Downtown Torrington

30.9	Road name changes to Columbus Rd

31.0	Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto US-202 [E Main St]	US-202

31.8	Turn LEFT (South) onto US-202 [New Litchfield St]

40.6	Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-209 [Bantam Lake Rd]

43.5	Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-109 [West St]

43.9	Arrive 296 West St, Lakeside, CT 06758 (a.k.a Camp Awosting)	

Driving distance:  43.9 miles
Trip duration:  57 minutes