All Offense Fantasy Football
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What the heck is All Offense Fantasy Football?

     Basically, it is a variation of your typical football pick'em league. It most pick'em leagues, all you do is pick the winners every week. But in All Offense, what you are trying to do is pick the three teams that will put up the most points. Whatever points they score, you score. But that's not all. You will also be picking one defensive team as well. The number of points they give up will be deducted from your score.

Why am I picking a defensive team when the name of the game is All Offense?

     The main reason for picking a defense is to keep things interesting. By picking a defensive team, it allows the weekly scores to vary. It gives the advantage to a true football fan who pays attention to the stats.

What is to keep me from simply picking the top three offenses in football every week?

     For starters, most people would want to base their offensive picks on who the opposing defenses are. That alone should make the picks differ. But in order to insure that people don't pick the same teams every week, a rule is in place that says you CAN NOT pick the same team two weeks in a row - offense or defense. In other words, no picking Tampa Bay defense every week!

How is this thing scored again?

     It's simple. You will pick three offensive teams and add their offensive points together. Whatever they score, your score. Then you will pick one defensive team and subtract the number of points they give up. The difference between the two is your weekly score. Keep in mind, there are a few rules. For example, any points that a defense or special teams score, is not figured into your score. Click here for more rules and click here for more scoring examples.