Beth Stanton is Old

     Saturday, February 22 marked a special occasion for Beth Stanton. "I feel so old," is all she said for most of the day. Ladies and gentlemen, Beth Stanton is now 23-years-old.

     To celebrate her birthday, I told her that we were going somewhere on Saturday night, but I didn't tell her where or with who. In fact, when I told her we were going somewhere, I didn't even know where or with who. I used up all my gift ideas for Beth during Christmas.

     Then I remembered her making a comment that she would like to go and see Medieval Times. I had been there about six years ago and knew it was a pretty good time, so I decided that was it.

     Now I just had to find some people to go with us.

     Who better to join us then my sister Becky and our two friends Carrie and Matt Munjoy? Becky, Beth and myself left our apartment at around 4:30, with Beth still not knowing where we were going.

     After some heavy Chicago traffic and a few wild guesses by Beth, we arrived at Matt and Carrie's apartment in Schaumburg. Then we hopped back into the car and drove another 10 minutes down the road until we saw the huge castle. Beth was starting to get the idea.

     There's nothing like spending your birthday eating with your hands! Medieval Times was everything that I remembered it to be - plenty of knights, horses, jousting, being called 'Melords' and 'Meladies', and of course the serving wenches!

     After a few fireworks and great medieval plot twists, the Yellow Knight was declared the winner. Our knight, the Red and Yellow Knight, unfortunately was the first to die. But what did we care. We still got to keep our medieval crowns!

Chris Kelley

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