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This is where I am going to be posting all of my assignments for my Advanced Web Design class. That way people can see that I actually do my homework!

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CIS 119 Assignments
Assignment Number Assignment Link
Assignment #10  
This assignment was a little different. We started talking about web hosting, so I had to compare three different options for hosting a web site.
Assignment #9  
The was another Javascript assignment that uses cookies to display some dates and a greeting. Hey . . . it's harder than it looks!
Assignment #7
This was our first Java Script assignment. The goal was to create a new webpage with the specifications of the user.
Assignment #6  
Assignment 6 was to design a basic image map around the pets of our instructor. Click on each pet to see a different picture.
Design Document
This is a document that explains what I am doing for my personal project and how I plan on accomplishing it.
Assignment #4
The topic of Assignment 4 was forms. We had to create a form that included a list of elements - such as one checkbox, password field, text area, and others.
Assignment #3
Frames was the topic of this assignment. We were given a picture of what the page was supposed to look like and all of the pieces that we needed to do it.
Assignment #2
This was an assignment that covered the topic of tables. I was given all of the elements of the page and was asked to put them into this order.

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