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Take a look at some of the other webpages that I have designed, or look at some of my favorite sites.

More of my web pages
Chris Kelley Movie Reviews
Short review for movies that I have seen in theatres.   
Fun Stuff
A collection of funny forwards, pictures, jokes and optical illusions   
My Kish School Work
A page that I'm going to use to post my homework for advanced web design   
My Old Website
The website that I designed before I knew much about design
Old Writing Samples
Writing samples from previous internships and classes
Camp Awosting 1999
Pictures from Camp Awosting during the summer of 99
Camp Awosting 1998
Pictures from my first year of camp
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy
A collection of SNL's Deep Thoughts
Friends web pages
Keith Mundt's site
This is my buddy Keith's site. He has a lot more pictures on his site of many differnt events.
Some of my favorite pages
Sports Illustrated's website is probably my favorite sports page
Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
Yahoo runs many good fantasy sports. Especially baseball and football.
Apple Movie Trailers
This is a great site for watching upcomming movie previews
Haro Movie Reviews
This is a good movie review site
Smilie Games
A fun little game site, but you probably need a fast Internet connection