Wedding Picture Page

     This is where I will be posting some of our wedding pictures after the event, plus some from our honeymoon. Be sure to check it out after the wedding.

Some Pictures from Around Camp

This is what the entrance to the camp looks like. It's just a simple sign next to a long road that leads to the camp. The is what the inside of a cabin looks like. As you can see, it is pretty basic. You will have bunk beds, toilets, and a sink. But then again, what else do you need?
Here is one set of showers. There are three different shower houses that will be split up into boy and girl showers for those who stay the night. This is where the wedding ceremony will take place. I know it doesn't look like much here, but it will be beautiful on August 28th.
The climbing wall is one of the activities that we are planning on opeing up, as well as the ballfield and waterfront.  

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