Former Front Page

     These are the pages that use to be on my main page. Some are stories about my life, some are editorials about current events, some are movie reviews, and some are just plain stories. Either way, I figured I should put them somewhere, so here they are.

Date Information Link
05/19/03 Beth and I attempted to accomplish Walt Disney World in three days. disney.html
04/25/03 Keith, Matt, Josh and I drove to Cincinnati to watch a ballgame. reds.html
03/15/03 Becky, her friend Tim, and myself decided to go freeze at a Cubs game in April. ballgame.html
03/15/03 I added former 49er Ronnie Lott to my autographed helmet. lott.html
2/22/03 We went Medieval for Beth's 23rd birthday. medieval.html
2/02/03 I got bored one weekend, so I pretended to be a White Sox fan for a while. soxfest.html
1/15/03 My reaction to the firing of 49er head coach Steve Marricci. mooch.html
1/12/03 A summary of the 49er loss to Tampa Bay. loss.html